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The campaign that endangered a language.

The Mexican language Ayapaneco. Only two speakers are still alive. But they stopped talking to each other decades ago. Divided by a fight. In collaboration with Prof. James A. Fox Vodafone rescued their friendship and their language with an integrated campaign. Viva Communication! 




Vodafone wanted to prove that no other brand has a deeper passion for communication than they do. In addition, the whole campaign reflects perfectly the brand claim of Vodafone 'Power to You', demonstrating what's possible when Vodafone gives the power to individuals. And finally, the campaign needed to have a strong involvement of the social community, which is mandatory for a communication provider. With Vodafone's mission to rescue a dying language from extinction, the brand involves people from all over the world with a deep love for communication. 



at risk of dying out


The story of the reunion is narrated in the documentary video. It briefly describes the problem of the Ayapaneco language and the sad story of its last two speakers—Manuel Segovia, 78, and Isidro Velazquez, 72. At the project’s launch, they didn’t communicate because of a quarrel that happened long ago for a reason no one really remembered.

Portrait 1.jpg

Manuel Segovia, 78

Portrait 2 -Isidro.jpg

Isidro Velazquez, 72

With the help of the community, the creative team and Stanford University linguistic anthropologist Professor James A. Fox, the Ayapaneco language started to live a new life—Mr. Velazquez and Mr. Segovia reunited to teach their language to kids and adults who want to know it.

In addition to a physical language school for kids in Tabasco (Mexico), there is a special website launched, where people can “adopt” various words from the Ayapaneco language. The range of words includes some simple ones like KO’O (“goodbye”) or MAA’K (“to fish”). This effort will help create the first social dictionary ever.