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For centuries, champagne bottles have been smashed against the hulls of ships

Their precious content lost forever. This time we finally took revenge and smashed a ship against the world's largest Pommery bottle.

The Revenge I Pommery

The Revenge I Pommery

The 50th anniversary
Hawesko is well-known among champagne connoisseurs, but not by the general public. That was to be abruptly changed on the occasion of the firm’s 50th anniversary.

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Brutally destroyed at ship christenings
The aim was to strengthen Hawesko’s market position in the champagne segment. And the interest of people should be aroused who had never heard of Hawesko. Champagne – people automatically think of luxury and joie de vivre. But it also has another, darker side: For centuries, the noble beverage has been wantonly and brutally destroyed at ship christenings around the world: It was simply time to finally stand up, high time for “The Revenge of the Champagne”.

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The victim
No sooner said than done; the tables were turned. Not the bottle christens the ship, but the ship christens the bottle. This required a live event in Hamburg’s fishing port with invited guests. During it, the “Champanic”, a Riva boat replica, was destroyed against a 17-meter-high and 20-ton heavy Hawesko Pommery Anniversary bottle.


The Tension
Towed by a barge in the harbour into position, the boat was first raised by a 30-meter crane in front of the bottle and then held by a separate cable structure towards the rear. 

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The mobile impulse

With their cell phones the guests of honour gave the decisive impulse by SMS vote – and 1.5 seconds later the boat was smashed against the champagne bottle in a wild finale with music and fireworks.

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It was achieved, the bottle had won. And Hawesko brought itself as a premium brand to the attention of a wide international audience, thanks to a live event, online transmission, and broad-based public relations activities.

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Chief Creative Officer: Goetz Ulmer, Joachim Kortlepel

Creative Director: Fabian Frese, Lutz Nebelin, Robert Ehlers

Art Director: Michael Kittel, Pavel Bondarenko

Copywriter: Jan Propach, Heiner Twenhaefel

Conceptionist: Detlef Klappert

Graphic Designer: Francisco Perez, Matthias Veuhoff, Andres Maldonado

Production Designer: Jens Willers, Florian Kaspereit

Client Service Director: Julia Kroemker

Account Director: Marina Ziegler, Lena Schlieper

Junior Project Manager: Sebastian Horstmann

Digital Creative Director: Robert Andersen, Michael Seifert

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