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One of the first mobile marketing cases in car advertsing.

Here's to the early adapters!

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The communication for the first BMW 1 Series was moving a broadly based campaign involving print, TV and outdoor measures. Entertaining and informative content were also used to appeal to potential customers to a greater extent via mobile channels such as mobile phones and PDAs - an innovation for BMW. 

The compact class - a new territory
 The new BMW 1 Series was an important part of the company's model and marks the brand's entry into the high-growth premium segment in the compact class. From 2004 the new model aims to reach new, generally younger target groups who describe pleasure as being one of their most important goals in life. 

A campaign claim as platform
The new BMW was the first rear-wheel drive vehicle. That’s why it brings pleasure to the compact-class. Every communication asset was connected to the Internet platform (Principle-of-Joy). The theme of pleasure is the focus of all activities. And this was also the campaign claim for the new model.

The campaign
Six pleasure motifs for advertising, giant posters and projections as has happened on the web page already, the print campaign started with the hero motif "Kermit". The TV campaign started with a "Making Of" as part of the "Spot premiere". After this, the spot “Kermit” was seen on wide-ranging TV stations. 


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All the measures in the current campaign refered to the BMW 1 Series Tour and to the web site at, which acted as the central point of contact for further information about the new model. Anyone who would like to arrange an early test drive in the new model on the BMW 1 Series Tour could apply at the site. 

“The mobile phone and
PDA as mobile channels are a logical addition to our media mix. We will
use them to attract new target groups.”

Hendrick Wenders, Head of BMW Marketing


Mobile gaming

Also the mobile game "BMW 1 Series Challenge" could be downloaded from major mobile phone service providers. Players raced along nine different tracks and controled what is happening from the cockpit perspective on the mobile phone display. All sorts of different modes and levels provided variety and excitement and demonstrated the dynamic driving style and the technology of the new BMW 1 Series. 

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Art Director: Rolf Leger
Copywriter: Michael Meyer
Account Director: Peter Stroeh
Planer: Ralph Poser
Producer: Robert Gold
Director: Stevan Treshow
Director of Photography: John Andreas Andersen

And special thanks to elkware and Interone Hamburg