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A declaration of love to the airbag

The Mercedes-Benz commercial is an artistically modern portrayal of humans coasting along roads as if floating without cars. If two unfortunate bodies are near impact, explosive air bags appear out of nowhere to save them just before a deadly-consuming collision.

Value of an airbag
The video begins with orchestrated violins and is narrated poetically, making the air bag equivalent to a selfless being. The video shows shots of heads hitting the air bags. The graphics are dark and boast great detail when objects are smashed. The end of the video portrays a Benz B-Class with Collision Prevention Assist as a standard function. A classy and humorous way to convey the safety value of an airbag, the Mercedes-Benz 'Thanks Airbag' video is a hit.


Electric Theatre Collective


The award-winning visual effects studio did the effects, was founded by three former stars at The Mill.  Stripping away the vehicles makes for some memorable imagery, and emphasizes the human aspect of the story.


Creative Director: Michael Ohanian
TV Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld
Creative Director: Jonas Keller, Michael Ohanian
Art Director: Tilman Gossner
Copywriter: Georg Baur, Torben Otten
Account Managing: Sven Dörrenbächer, Sonja Stockmann, Kete Stodtmeister, Knut Simons
TV Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld
Production Company: Blink Productions London & Tony Petersen Film 
Producer: Nick Glendinning & Carlo Walther
Director: Lynn Fox
DOP: Lasse Frank
Editor: Joe Guest
Post-Production 1: Electric Theatre Collective
Fileld of task: Online & CGI
Artist: Giles Cheetham
Post-Production 2: MPC London
Fileld of task: Grading
Colourist: Paul Harrison

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