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Home Is The Most Dangerous Place To Be

With dangers lurking around every corner protecting yourself from accidents in your home is a top priority for you and your family. This is proven by statistics from which an entertaining campaign was created for a huge cinema complex.


28,4% of all deaths occur at home. You´d better not be there. 

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Entertainment = Cinemaxx.

All cinemas communicate in the same way. Mostly, they advertise with their feature films. Cinemaxx is different. Large halls, spectacular screens and elaborate sound systems offer a very special entertainment experience.



This formula had to be promoted. So a campaign was created that itself provided entertainment. 

The company itself did not have a large production budget, but only media placements through bater business. Out of necessity, a style of its own emerged: spectacular deaths were staged with reduced illustrations.

The commercial "DIY"


Dark places

The follow-up campaign was developed especially for cinema complexes in different cities.

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