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Nothing like a Bosch Ad.

 “Like a Bosch” is the tagline of a new global image campaign the supplier of technology and services launched at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas. The campaign aims to get the message across that Bosch is the leading provider of connected products and solutions. 

A fresh spin
The main plank of the campaign is a hip-hop video clip featuring a protagonist who is a savvy IoT user. Bosch is entering new territory with its “Like a Bosch” campaign; the decidedly different approach and tone marks a departure for the company, which was founded in 1886. This move capitalizes on a rash of “like a boss” videos and memes that have gone viral on the internet, attracting tens of millions of clicks. These videos feature everyday people who stage bizarre stunts, perform impressive athletic feats, or find their way out of predicaments with technical finesse. The corporate “Like a Bosch” campaign changes a few letters in order to put a fresh spin on this internet phenomenon.

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Always on top
The young man "Shawn"in the Bosch video is always on top of things, thanks to connected solutions from Bosch. Smartphone in hand, he operates his car, lawn mower, or coffee machine in a cool, smart, and confident way – he’s in charge of things “like a Bosch.”

Across social media channels
BOSCH aims to spark a viral IoT movement, spreading this message across all the relevant communication channels in order to reach a mass audience. Further clips featuring products for the two IoT domains of connected mobility and connected living are to follow later in the year. The campaign rolled out across digital and social media channels. 

Getting #LikeABosch out in the world

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With 18,985,564 views
9.3K likes and a small 507 dislikes, these YouTube highlights showcase the effectiveness of the campaign. The Facebook ads are currently being pushed in a staggering 8 countries.

Surround you LikeABosch 

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Bosch shop.jpg
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A whole new world opens with the Campaign merchandise 


And the story goes on and on...